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120% Mortgages and Remortgages have now been withdrawn except for existing borrowers of

 certain lenders


Cheltenham and Gloucester (which includes the group Lloydstsb) and Halifax Bank of Scotland etc. will offer 120% mortgages to their exiting borrowers only. Maybe they will expand this to new borrowers as time goes by, but not at the time of going to press.



Once extremely popular among UK mortgage borrowers, the Northern Rock 120% mortgage and all the others like it, have now been taken off the mortgage market amongst fears of negative equity and a cyclical credit squeeze.


There were many borrowers that took 120% mortgages and benefited from them, but there were also borrowers that overstretched themselves and are now facing a financial crisis as the interest rates go up and the cost of living accelerates.


However, although mortgages are still available they are not so easy to obtain and one of the spin offs is the talk off mass redundancies in the mortgage industry. The UK is still suffering a lack of affordable housing and this situation is not likely to change soon. Exactly how this will eventually be reconciled is a topic of discussion at many a dinner party.


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