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1 bedroom home and contents insurance quote.


Click here for a 1 bedroom home insurance quote


Lower monthly costs for your 1 bedroom home insurance.

Why pay more then you have to just because you happen to have a smaller house or apartment than most people, when there is a company that quotes for home insurance based on the number of bedrooms only.


You can have a call back for a one bedroom  monthly home insurance quote that is calculated using the number of bedrooms in your house.


Home insurance quote from a company that calculates the monthly insurance premiums on the number of bedrooms, so a 1 bedroom home insurance quote is exactly that.


Home and contents insurance for a one bedroom house will obviously cost more than a 4 bedroom house and along with it the amount apportioned to contents insurance, however, an insurance company that calculates its premiums on purely the number of bedrooms is always worth getting a FREE quote from. Especially if they are willing to CALL YOU BACK and pick up the charge for the telephone call.


If you click the link above you will be able to request a call back to get a free quote for your 1 bedroom house and contents insurance with no obligation. They can tailor the quotation to suit your individual needs so that you do not have to pay a penny more than necessary to cover all valuables in your 1 bedroom house and rebuilding costs.


1 (one ) bedroom home and contents insurance


A bedroom rated home and contents insurance quote for a 1 bedroom property, from Select and Protect that deals direct with you and cares about its reputation.






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