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MORTGAGE PAYMENT PROTECTION. Intego is an innovative, age related mortgage payment protection policy that offers flexible, individual and affordable cover if you are unable to work due to illness, disability or unemployment. click here for a quote

Select and Protect Mortgage Payment Protection (MPPI)




A financial safety net that's fairly priced and easy to claim
While many MPPI schemes are looked on with cynicism by consumers - Intego is a real breath of fresh air. Not only does its age-rated pricing offer your clients a much fairer deal, but it provides truly excellent cover and boasts a claims satisfaction rate of 94%. The policy is underwritten by Aviva - a respected brand your clients will trust.

Product highlights include:

A choice of Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover
Age-rated pricing ensuring younger clients, with less risk, get a fairer deal
Fully-transferable cover should your client move home or change benefit levels
Cover for back ache or stress - often restricted by other providers
Flexible benefit levels - either up to 150% of mortgage costs or 1,650 - whichever is the lesser
Cover for the self-employed
Carer cover if your client needs to become a full time carer
FREE 'Back to Work' support service - getting customers working 1-6 months earlier
Joint cover available



MPPI from Select and Protect