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Accord Mortgage Intermediaries eagerly await your mortgage or remortgage request.

Use the On Line Mortgage Quote Form to have your case looked at by an intermediary to make sure you can borrow the amount you want. You will NOT be credit searched at this point. This will only be carried out as part of a further request for a "decision in principle". (Remember to use the further information box to specify that it is an Accord mortgage that you are interested in.

The lenders latest quotes can then be sent by email for you to consider.

Accord Mortgages is the dedicated intermediary lender from the Yorkshire Building Society Group. Conceived on 14 April 2003.

Accord launched with a range of offset, fixed and tracker mortgages, plus a 100% Professional Mortgage deal. Their range features a 3 year internet only fixed rate, underlining Accordís commitment to growing its electronic business quickly. In addition, two exclusive products have been developed Ė a 3 year fixed rate and a 2 year fixed rate offset product.

Linda Will, Managing Director of Accord said, "The freedom to design the products that key intermediaries want has always been one of the main reasons for developing Accord Mortgages so Iím really pleased that our launch range includes two exclusives".

One of the market leading products offered by Accord Mortgages is their Offset Account

With the Accord Mortgages offset account you can combine your mortgage and savings balances to make your money work harder. The mortgage and savings remain separate, but the balance on the offset savings account is taken from the offset mortgage balance before Accord Mortgages calculate the amount of mortgage interest to be charged to the mortgage borrowers account.

Reduced payments or reduced mortgage term

You then have two payment options:

1. The gross payment option - you pay the same amount that would have been paid if the savings were not being used to reduce the mortgage interest. This could potentially save you thousands of pounds in mortgage interest payments. If you have a repayment (capital and interest) mortgage you are also likely to finish paying off your mortgage significantly sooner.

2. The net payment option - as your monthly interest is reduced by your savings, you can choose to pay only this reduced amount. This means that monthly payments are less than they would have been without the benefit of the offset savings. This won't however reduce the mortgage term using this payment option.

However, you can move between the two options as many times as you wish!

And itís simple - Accord Mortgages offset account is designed to be less complicated.

Accord Mortgages don't insist you open a current account or take out a credit card.
Accord Mortgages don't insist that your salary are paid into the account.
Accord Mortgages don't ask for a large minimum deposit to be paid into the savings account.

Accord Mortgages Offset account Ė the details

Yours offset account combines your mortgage and savings to make your money work harder.
There are flexible features such as daily interest charging, overpayment, underpayment and payment holidays. Interest will continue to be charged during payment holidays.
Offset is available for house purchase and re-mortgage.
No interest is earned on savings, but interest is only charged on the difference between the offset mortgage balance and the offset savings balance.
Up to three savings accounts can be linked to the offset mortgage.
Maximum balance allowed is 100% of the offset mortgage balance.

To find out more about Accord Mortgage mortgages , simply complete the Mortgage Quote form


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