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Birmingham Midshires Mortgage



Birmingham Midshires mortgage, and mortgage illustrations from other lenders, are available here.

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Birmingham Midshires is a division of Halifax plc and has earned a reputation a a "brokers lender".


That is to say they seem to deliver a very high level of service to the mortgage broker community, and therefore the benefits of this get passed on to the typical mortgage client.


Almost instant agreements in principle, flexible underwriting, much talked about online facilities that can get a mortgage customer a mortgage offer in a time span that puts quite a few other lenders to shame.


Birmingham Midshires also seem to have an understanding of the sort of mortgage problems that can befall us all from time to time, and are a useful lender to have in hand when a potential mortgage borrower has suffered adverse credit.


Birmingham Midshires is only one of the many lenders we can call upon to reach a mortgage lending solution.




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