broker for cashing in a mortgage endowment policy

Broker for cashing in mortgage endowments

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Two endowment terms needing explanation:

"Cashing in an endowment policy" - (otherwise known as "surrendering the policy") normally means returning the endowment policy back to the original life assurance company that issued it, for a sum of money determined by the company.

"Selling an endowments" - (also known as trading an endowment policy) refers to using an endowment policy trader (sometimes called an endowment broker or mortgage endowment broker) to find a third party buyer, who is willing to pay more for the endowment policy than the issuing company, and thereby return to the policy holder, that is looking at "cashing in," a larger sum of money.

If you want a broker for cashing in either a mortgage endowment or a free standing endowment (not linked to a mortgage), then use the link above

Cashing in a mortgage endowment policy either back to the issuing insurer or through an endowment broker,  whether it is linked to your mortgage or simply free standing, is a matter worthy of serious consideration.

Endowment policies are long term investments, set up to produce the best returns when held for a period of years exceeding at least ten years, and anyone cashing in their endowment before this is likely to be disappointed with the sum of money they receive and be a likely target for the inland revenue, as endowment policies were designed to run at least ten years as one of the conditions needing to satisfy the rules governing "Qualifying Policies"

However, if someone is determined to dispose of their endowment policy by cashing it in, rather then surrendering the policy back to the issuing insurance company, then an endowment policy broker can be of benefit to them.

An endowment broker can act as the middle man in finding a buyer for the endowment (rather than cashing it in) and it does not have to be a mortgage endowment policy in order to be a valuable financial asset to add to a portfolio of existing long term investments.

The endowment buyer can be an individual or a fund manager who is looking to secure a medium to long term investment with some guarantee of return.

The guarantee for the endowment buyer is in the terminal bonus that is often, though not always guaranteed, to be added at the maturity of the endowment policy.

It is for this reason that only a "with profits" endowment policy is worth selling and hence buying, because "unit linked" endowments do not enjoy a terminal bonus, and for this reason , as well as their inherent volatility that endowment policy buyers do not buy unit linked policies.


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