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Do you need a commercial mortgage to buy a business ?


Would you benefit from a business adviser looking at your requirements and finding a lender that is likely to agree the loan?

It could be a pub, hotel, restaurant, garage, bed and breakfast, farm, hairdressers, cafe, garage, motor vehicle repair workshop,  take away, guest house, retail shop, newsagents, block of flats, nursing home, care home, small business start up or ongoing concern.


A commercial mortgage broker can help you


Do you need advice on gearing, deposit size, preparation of a business plan to enable the bank to consider your request ?

Maybe you need help refinancing your business loans, or finding ways to lower the interest rate you are being charged.

A commercial mortgage broker can assist and provide solutions.


Commercial mortgage brokers experience these demands on a daily basis so are well equipped to give you all the help you need. Our brokers will fact find, analyse and negotiate with the lenders on your behalf

Commercial mortgage loans can be split in two separate categories, "owner occupier"  where the borrower is purchasing a business premises and "commercial investment" where  the borrower is purchasing property as an asset to rent out.


A commercial mortgage is probably the best way to finance the purchase of buildings and land for business purposes - it provides the most flexible and affordable finance solution. With commercial mortgages, the lender has a legal claim over the property until the loan has been repaid in full.


The commercial mortgage market is different to lending in the residential mortgage market, being based around complex pricing models and the criteria of lending panels at each individual lending institution.

Working within this environment on a daily basis is the typical commercial mortgage broker

The length of a commercial mortgage loan period will tend to be a maximum of 25 years and is often around the 15 year mark.

Borrowers should also be aware of the fees in the commercial mortgage market, typically there will a lender fee of 1% and a more expensive commercial valuation than would be applicable to a similarly valued residential property.

There are several different types of commercial mortgage available. The range caters for those wanting to buy an investment to portfolio, through to potential small business owners who are seeking to buy a business with property attached.

Working with our industry partners we offer years of experience in finding the lenders and rates to get your project finance. If you need finance for one of the following examples we will help:

Buying a Business with Property

Many businesses come with a building attached such as:

Hotels & Pubs
Bed & Breakfasts
Retail & Takeaway
Post Offices & Surgeries

We can help put the finance in place for your new business venture

Buying Property for your Business

If you run an established business and you would like to buy property you are renting or have seen property that would suit a company relocation e.g.:

Warehouses & Factories

Our experience in providing finance will save you money and time by offering you the commercial mortgage you need.

Investing in Commercial Property

Commercial property has historically provided significant returns on investment and investing in commercial property in order to let out is seen as more robust investment than many residential buy to let opportunities. If you want to invest in: -

Renting to retail tenants
Renting to office tenants

We can help provide the investment capital for the project.

Buying land to Build and Develop

If you are a constructor or architect or if you are seeking a development loan to finance to acquisition of a piece of undeveloped land it can be hard to secure finance. For project such as:

Greenfield development loans
Brownfield development loans
Construction loans

Our track record of providing excellent finance packages for development loans will help your project start.

Residential (buy to let) Portfolio Investment

Investing in a portfolio of residential property (buying to let but on a larger scale) can deliver significant returns. We have extensive experience in structuring finance packages to allow further additions to your portfolio.

What ever your commercial mortgage requirement, a commercial mortgage broker can help.