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Common Mortgage Problems

It has to be said that probably the biggest single factor in causing chains to separate or house sales to collapse is the inability of the buyer to get a mortgage.

So many times the potential buyer has walked into a building society, told them what they earn and left with a figure of how much they can borrow based on this. What neither the borrower volunteered, and the lender omitted to ask (probably because it was a Saturday, and very busy, everyone was pushed for time) was that half of the income came from overtime, or commission, or a second job on the side, and that he had an ongoing bank loan that would still be in place on completion of the mortgage. Of course when it does come to light the lender has no choice but to say no. The estate agent now has the unpleasant job of notifying the vendor that the sale has collapsed, and the property should now go back on the market.


Don't let it be you!


If you take advantage of the On Line Mortgage Quote Form, it can be used to check your requirements against the lenders criteria

The questions on the form represent the questions on a full mortgage application, and the lenders are fully geared up to accept this information from an intermediary


Another problem, not as common but more embarrassing, is where a buyer agrees a purchase only to find that his mortgage application is rejected because of some sort of adverse credit history that comes to light when the lender does its credit searches. This can come as a bit of a shock to some people but especially when they are one of a couple and have to admit to their partner that it's their fault that they cannot buy their dream home.


 If you think you may have a problem still use the On Line Mortgage Quote Form





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