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Mortgage for UK doctors, surgeons, anesthetists and other


members of the medical professions



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You will have your own personal mortgage intermediary/broker assigned to you with their direct phone and email address for your convenience. Ask any questions you need.


We have heard from past doctors that they refer us to their colleagues because of the "one to one" personal assistance we give, our easy and direct accessibility, and our skill in administering and securing the application on their behalf. We would welcome your enquiry to put us to work on your behalf.


Qualified members of the medical profession are viewed very favourably by the majority of UK mortgage lenders.

Their "guarantee" of full time employment and pay levels enable the lenders to increase income multiples beyond the normal limits that apply to most borrowers.


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  • doctors

  • surgeons

  • consultants

  • general practitioners

  • other professions i.e. accountants, barristers, veterinary surgeons (vets)

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