endowment valuation

Endowment valuation

Endowment valuation

 An endowment valuation can be obtained by phoning the insurance company that issued the endowment policy, although they will only give you their own assessment of the endowment valuation as they see it, and not what the open market valuation would be.

This will give you the insurance companies endowment "surrender value" or in other words the "endowment cash in value".endowment valuation

However, a higher figure then the insurance companies endowment valuation may be obtainable by selling the endowment policy to a second hand endowment policy trader or market maker. Valuation in financial terms can be described as the determination of the economic value of an asset or liability.

With profits endowments are bought if the buyer believes they will eventually return  a reasonable investment growth compared to the buyers other alternatives.

After the endowment valuation they are bought for inclusion in to portfolios of long term investments when attempting to balance the funds risk profile.

Once a particular life companies endowment policy has been paid in to for a sufficient number of years by the original policy holder, the policy starts to become attractive to the would be investor.

If you have endowments that you are considering "surrendering/cashing in" you might want to see what they are worth on the open market. The term "Open Marker Endowment Valuation" would be appropriate.endowment valuation to sell an endowment

In finance, valuation is the process of estimating what something is worth. This can include Items that are usually valued are a financial asset or liability. Valuations can be done on assets (for example, investments in marketable securities such as stocks, options, business enterprises, or liabilities (e.g., bonds issued by a company) and somewhere in here sits endowment policies.

It costs nothing to find out, and you may be pleasantly surprised.