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Home insurance for properties in Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Cheltenham. Fill in the form for a call back to discuss your flood insurance requirements with the specialist in UK flood insurance.

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According to Gloucester County Councils website almost 11,000 properties in Gloucestershire are at risk of river flooding from a 1-in-100 year event.

In the summer of 2007, Gloucestershire fell victim to one of the worst civil emergencies on record when 5,000 homes and businesses were flooded and many local and outlying communities cut off. Electricity was lost to 48,000 homes for two days and Gloucestershire came close to having no power at all.

Over half the homes in Gloucestershire and 7,500 businesses were without any mains water for up to 12 days - and 17 days for drinking water. During the crisis, 40 million bottles of drinking water were distributed and 1,400 bowsers deployed. Around 200,000 litres of drinking water had to be delivered to thousands of vulnerable people in their homes.

Tewkesbury was the worst affected of the Gloucestershire districts. The abiding memory television viewers had of the floods was the striking image of Tewkesbury abbey surrounded by flood water.

Cheltenham was flooded twice due to exceptionally heavy rain during June and July 2007. Property flooding occurred in Cheltenham from surface water, the River Chelt and other rivers, including Hatherley Brook and Wymans Brook.

Around 600 properties were flooded in Cheltenham in July and 50 100 properties in June. The Cheltenham to Birmingham railway line was also affected by floodwater.
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