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Web map to show risk of flooding click here
2007 saw Hull city council admit they had not insured 28,500 homes, schools  and public buildings against flood damage, whereas  Blackpool’s flood defence scheme is being promoted as one of the best ways to prepare against the threat of natural disasters in the UK

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Is Glasgow at risk from flooding?

Glasgow is at the upper limit of the tides flowing from the Firth of Clyde. The height of the tide varies with the positions of the moon and sun but can be greatly increased by what is known as a tidal surge. Severe weather conditions to the south and west of the Firth of Clyde can cause a surge that will run up the Firth and upstream as far as Glasgow. If this was to happen at the same time as a high tide, the water level would rise above the level of the quay walls in the city centre. This is the major threat to the city.

The above is how Glasgow City Council sees the flood risk to Glasgow.

Is Blackpool at risk from flooding ?

 The main causes of flooding throughout Blackpool are from sewer network failure on public, private or surface water systems due to inadequate maintenance or as a result of the network being overwhelmed by exceptional rainfall events

The above from Blackpool Council "Sustainability and the Environment."

Is Hull at risk from flooding ?

Around 118,000 properties in Hull are at risk of flooding, according to the Environment Agency, which is the leading public body for protecting the environment in England and Wales.
The last time the city was flooded was in 1969, leaving homes and businesses devastated.
Although the Hull Tidal Barrier has greatly reduced the risk of this happening again, it is impossible to completely prevent flooding, say experts.

The above from Hull in Print - Kingston upon Hull City Council

With the Environment Agency warning that more than a million homes and 300,000 businesses are now at risk from flooding, including those in parts of London, Southend, Brighton, Reading, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Middlesbrough, Blackpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh, it seems that removing the spending allocation on flood defences in the UK is an excessive in bad timing.