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London Flood Insurance

Web map to show risk of flooding in London click here
Home and business insurance for previously flooded or flood-risk properties located in London flood risk areas. Fill in the form for a call back to discuss your flood insurance requirements with a specialist in UK flood insurance.

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The Environment Agency warns that more than a million homes and 300,000 businesses are at risk, including those in parts of London, Southend, Brighton, Reading, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Middlesbrough, Blackpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Flooding in London would be a National disaster as it is one of the most important financial centres in the world, and is responsible for a large portion of the countries income from the financial services located there.

The Thames barrier was built as a response the very real flood risk and stretches 520 metres across the River Thames near Woolwich, protecting 125 square kilometres of central London from flooding caused by tidal surges. As London has a residential population density of over 250,000 it is major focus of flood risk. The following points are produced by the environment agency:

Flood risk
The Thames Barrier has been raised 114 times to protect London from tidal flooding and fluvial flooding since it became operational in 1982. Closures are becoming more frequent with two thirds occurring since 2000. Climate change may increase the risk of flooding, and require the barrier to be closed more often in the future.
Approximately half a million properties are in the floodplain in London.
Climate change may increase the risk of flooding, and require the Thames Barrier to be closed more often in the future.

The above facts cannot be ignored by the flood insurance companies that are looking at home insurance applications from homes and businesses in London and surrounding areas. If the Environment Agency thinks your London property is at risk of flooding, you can certain the home insurance companies do as well.

In Essex coastal areas roughly twenty thousand households say they have lost equity in their homes and are struggling with increasing insurance premiums. Essex County Council has approached the Government for 20million to build a sea wall to protect a total of thirty five homes at Great Wavering that have been judged to be at risk from flooding.

In London on October 21st hundreds of riverside home owners were warned that they may be unable to get flood insurance cover for their properties as money designated for flood defence schemes was curtailed. Those homes located near to the Thames were the main worry, but across London home insurance premiums were expected to rise by about 10%. However, some home owners would now find themselves uninsurable when returning to their existing insurer to renew their home insurance policies, because of the increased flood risk, or simply because they had already had their homes flooded.