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There are a reported 300,000 home owners including residential and business owners who have been flooded in recent years and are now facing major issues obtaining insurance.

Areas most affected are Cumbria, Northumberland, Worcester, Lancashire, Oxford, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, some parts of Kent, Surrey, Fyfe, County Antrim, Dorset and Cornwall to name but a few.

It is additionally estimated that several million clients will fall foul of the revised Environment Agency flood mapping, so that although they have not been flooded in the past the postcodes they reside in now will considered to be exclusion zones, and for no fault of their own will also face issues obtaining affordable property insurance. In a majority of cases they will not be able to obtain cover at all. The flood insurance quote facility on the left covers risks in the UK and Northern Ireland



The Environment Agency is launching a 30m online flood risk map to tell homeowners in England and Wales for the first time what flooding risks they face.


Areas are given low, moderate or significant risk ratings according to location, predicted water levels, and type and condition of flood defences.

The agency says it will help councils make more informed planning decisions and halt inappropriate development.

Critics say it could mean significantly higher insurance premiums for some.

More than two million properties are given flood risk ratings - even though "low risk" could mean a less than one-in-1,000 chance of being flooded.


Visitors to the site enter their postcode or town name
A map appears complete with colour-coded representations
They show flood defences, risk of floods and extreme floods
They click on a more specific point on the map
They are told whether their risk is low, moderate or significant


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