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Keswick Flood Insurance

Keswick Flood Insurance

Work starts today on the £6,000,000 flood defence programme to try and improve the flood defences that protect Keswick from risk of flooding. No stranger to this event, homes and businesses will find it hard to renew their flood insurance after the Governments goes ahead with its removal of the agreement between itself and the insurance companies to provide insurance cover providing the risk is no greater than a once in 75 years chance of happening.

The agreement expires in June 2013 and the Association of British Insurance will not renew it. What this means to home owners and businesses is that their properties may be worthless in terms of resale value. Who wants to buy a property they can’t insure?

The work in Keswick includes the building of a wall and the felling of tees, but will that be enough to tempt insurers to underwrite the risks involved. Many of the mainstream “well known” household names will decline to become involved as they maintain their market position based on beating their opposition on premiums levels. This means that higher risk properties will simply be refused insurance.

It needs a specilaist flood insurance broker to sift out the companies that will underwrite the risk and offer householders cover.

Carlisle had 1,925 homes flooded in January 2005 and Keswick, Cockermouth and Appleby also suffered with 2,064 properties flooded.

Although flood defences can be successful in holding back rising rivers and tidal surges there is still the risk of surface water flooding that occurs when the storm drains can’t cope with heavy torrential rainstorms, so it might be that some of the work might still be in vain.

The rainstorm season is approaching as the warming sun sends all the winter moisture aloft to build cumulo nimbus rain clouds, and theses are totally unpredictable as to when and where they will dump all that moisture on the unsuspecting towns below.

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Droitwich Flood Insurance


Droitwich is the location for Exercise Watermark today, a town badly affected by floods in 2007. Automatic flood defences have been installed which are automatically triggered by rising water, though a spokesman for the company flood insurance for properties in droitwichsaid that more measures were required as the flood risk increases.

Exercise Watermark is designed to give the emergency services practice at flood rescue drills, coordinating responses and seeing where deficiencies lie.

With the almost universal acceptance of climate change, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions, flooding of major towns in the UK is no longer just theoretical. Historical evidence and recent events show it to be a real and dangerous threat to property and people.

Although the Government discussed increased spending on flood prevention measures to help the insurance companies provide flood insurance cover, due to the economic recession and planned budget cuts it looks like the insurance companies can no longer rely on this, and have decided that thousands of properties situated on flood plains will no longer be insurable through them.

It is here that a specialist insurance broker is needed to find those companies that are willing and able to take on the risk.

Sutton on Sea | Flood insurance for Lincolnshire

Flood Insurance for Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire

Sutton on Sea has seen its fair share of flooding in the past, with homes and businesses ruined by water damage on this Eastern coastal town. This week sees a major exercise taking place in Sutton on Sea as emergency services practice for what some see as a flood waiting to happen. The last time Sutton on Sea was flooded action was taken to reinforce the flood defences but at the time of this exercsie the fear is that the proposed cuts in Governement expediture on flood prevention measures will have a devastating effect on local life.

 The press have already broadcast the problems that homeowners and businesses are having getting flood insurance for thier properties and Channel 4 News reports the following:

“Under an agreement known as the statement of principles, which is due to end in 2013, insurance companies promised to provide cover for properties which are at severe risk of flooding. But the deal requires the Government to increase investment in flood defences, a promise which critics say is threatened by planned cuts.”

And MP Diana Johnson tells Channel 4 News: “The insurance market is practically closed in Hull.”

Flood insurance needs the attention of a specialist broker. Click the banner on the right to get a quote for flood insurance where you live.

Operation Watermark

Flooding in London, West Yorkshire and Devon and Cornwall.

Operation Watermark swings into action this week with emergency services practicing drills and exercises to prepare them for a major flood event.

It see the scenario of London, parts of Wales , Yorkshire and the west country being submerged under several feet of flood water, people trapped and requiring rescue services to assist, loss of water supplies and power cuts.

One-and-a-half million people are at risk of flooding from the Thames and its tributaries like the River Lea, as far inland as Old Ford and Hackney Wick.

In the exercise the Isle of Dogs, Wapping, Limehouse, Poplar and Blackwall are all submerged, along with Canning Town, West Ham, Silvertown and Becton.

The scenarios will help ensure the 70,000 homes and businesses in Kent at risk of flooding can be evacuated in time in the event of a real-life emergency.

With the major cuts in the implementation of flood defences it means the emergency services will be hard pressed to deal with the same kind of flooding we all saw in 2007, and given that the UK home insurance companies were relying on the Government to see theses flood defence plans through to the end, it leaves them now with no option but to further restrain the issuing of flood insurance for millions of UK homes and businesses.

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Flood Damage Insurance Broker

Flood Damage Insurance        Click here to get a quote

With the UK Government cutting the spending on flood defences, it leaves many insurance companies with no option but to refuse some applcations from home owners that live in high flood risk areas.

The very popular, and competitive price comparison insurance sites like, compare the and are used to find the lowest premiums for home insurance, and for an insurance company to stand a chance of being price competitive it needs to cut our all underwriting that would put it at risk of having to pay out on a claim.

So it would come as no surprise that anyone trying to get flood damage insurance from a price comparison website might have no luck at all, remebering that “all material facts must be disclosed”. So not teling them that you’ve been flooded once already could leave you with a refusal to pay out on a claim.

Flood damage insurance cover is a spacialist area, and requires the services of a broker experienced in dealing with this type of insurance.

If you live in Isle of Wight, Emsworth, Boston, Lincolnshire, Windsor, Maidenhead, Enfield, London, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Spelthorne, Surrey, Runnymede, Warrington, Cheshire, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Newport, Leicester, Birmingham, Reading, Elmbridge, Merton or any of the flood risk areas it would be worth getting a flood insurance quote.

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UK Flood Insurance

 UK Flood Insurance Quotes  – Click here for a quote

There were a large number of home owners searching the internet for “flood insurance Isle of Wight” after the events of November 2010, when torrential rain storms caused major flooding in Emsworth, Havant,Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Many had to evacuate their homes, roads were closed and schools shut.

But perhaps the longest lasting legacy will be the difficulty theses unfortunate property owners now have in getting home insurance once their home has been flooded already, or their property is deemed to be in a “flood risk” zone.

Many mainstream insurance companies will simply refuse to accept what they see as an unnecessary risk, which to the home-owner will seem grossly unfair when it was no fault of their own.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a specialist insurance broker that has been enjoying some measure of success in providing those home-owners that have already been flooded (and subsequently refused insurance) and potential flood victims with specialist flood insurance.

Click this link to get a quote if you think your property is, or might be, at risk, or if you have found it difficult to get covered.

You will then be called back to discuss your flood insurance needs.

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