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Sutton on Sea | Flood insurance for Lincolnshire

Flood Insurance for Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire

Sutton on Sea has seen its fair share of flooding in the past, with homes and businesses ruined by water damage on this Eastern coastal town. This week sees a major exercise taking place in Sutton on Sea as emergency services practice for what some see as a flood waiting to happen. The last time Sutton on Sea was flooded action was taken to reinforce the flood defences but at the time of this exercsie the fear is that the proposed cuts in Governement expediture on flood prevention measures will have a devastating effect on local life.

 The press have already broadcast the problems that homeowners and businesses are having getting flood insurance for thier properties and Channel 4 News reports the following:

“Under an agreement known as the statement of principles, which is due to end in 2013, insurance companies promised to provide cover for properties which are at severe risk of flooding. But the deal requires the Government to increase investment in flood defences, a promise which critics say is threatened by planned cuts.”

And MP Diana Johnson tells Channel 4 News: “The insurance market is practically closed in Hull.”

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