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Droitwich Flood Insurance


Droitwich is the location for Exercise Watermark today, a town badly affected by floods in 2007. Automatic flood defences have been installed which are automatically triggered by rising water, though a spokesman for the company flood insurance for properties in droitwichsaid that more measures were required as the flood risk increases.

Exercise Watermark is designed to give the emergency services practice at flood rescue drills, coordinating responses and seeing where deficiencies lie.

With the almost universal acceptance of climate change, rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions, flooding of major towns in the UK is no longer just theoretical. Historical evidence and recent events show it to be a real and dangerous threat to property and people.

Although the Government discussed increased spending on flood prevention measures to help the insurance companies provide flood insurance cover, due to the economic recession and planned budget cuts it looks like the insurance companies can no longer rely on this, and have decided that thousands of properties situated on flood plains will no longer be insurable through them.

It is here that a specialist insurance broker is needed to find those companies that are willing and able to take on the risk.