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Flood Insurance 

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The flooding that has occurred in the UKover the last few years has forced the Government to think about implementing measures to improve flood defences and help home owners and businesses to protect their properties against the sort of water damage that a flood can cause.

Although the Government pledged to increase the spending on flood prevention schemes, the recession has now made it reverse this decision with the knock on effect of insurance companies rethinking their approach to the whole matter of underwriting the risk involved.

Some property owners have been unable to get any property insurance from their exiting insurer when renewal time comes around, and others have faced significant rises in premium levels.

It is said in the press that thousands of homeowners are unable to sell their properties, and equal numbers not able to get a mortgage because of the inability to obtain insurance for the property.

This website section is aimed at putting unfortunate owners in touch with a flood insurance specialist that can provide quotes from companies that are willing to undertake flood insurance risks.