Commerical Mortgages and Business Loans

commercial mortgages and busines loans

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In today’s current climate it can prove difficult to get approval for a new commercial mortgage or have funds agreed to finance a business loan to either expand your current business or start a new one.

By using the banner link above you can get a call back from an ex Lloyds business loan broker who has now gone independent and can advise, source and agree the amounts you require after through research and consultation with you and a number of established contacts built up over the years.

Just because your own bank may have turned you down it does not mean that there are other lenders in the UK who would also say no.

Lets face it the lenders are only interested in making a profit on their money, but one lender may view your business in a totally different way to another, or your adviser may be able to restructure your proposition to make it more likely to get approval.

Subtle changes in your financial profile can make the difference between success or failure or simply getting a better interest rate applied to the loan.

Different business projects have different risk profiles and the choice of lender and type of funds will depend on this.

If you look at the list of popular requests for business finance you van see how the lenders risk can vary and how the proposal would need to be approached differently. Here are some of the more recent commercial finance requests: care home, nursing home, garage, motor vehicle workshop, day nursery, restaurant, landscape gardening, hairdressing salon, beauty salon, gift shop, driving school, antiques shop, plant hire, bed and breakfast, hotel, residential let, buy to let, wine bar, travel agency, catering, florist, dating agency, clothes shop, chip shop, Chinese take away, Indian take away, computer repair shop, beautician, guest house, café, carpet and upholstery cleaning, coffee shop, car hire, van hire, office premises, garden centre, diy shop.

The list is only as limited as the entrepreneurs imagination, but each idea needs a different approach.


You have nothing to lose by requesting a call back and asking for free advise.

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