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Quotes For Flood Insurance

Been flooded once already?

Worried about flooding to your property?

Can’t get flood insurance?

Try the flood insurance specialist !  Click here to get a quote

Insurance companies are being particularly fussy about who and where they insure these days. Cant blame them I suppose, however, I though the idea was that everyone pays in and the few that need to claim are covered by the majority. But it would seem that if the insurance company thinks you might be one of the few likely to make a claim they simply wont accept you on board.

So where do you go to get your property insurance when the mainstream insurers are saying “no thanks” ?

The answer lies in finding a specialist insurance broker that has access to companies that will accept flood insurance as a special case, assess the risk and lay down individual terms. It may not be the cheapest insurance on the market, but at least it on offer and can make the difference between a sound nights sleep or continuous worry.

The UK sits directly below the northern hemisphere jet stream, and as a result receives a continuous flow of low pressure systems that bring rain and stormy weather off the Atlantic.

It is also home to some spectacular hills which force the winds up and over the tops, releasing their moisture in the form of downpours as the air dumps its moisture due to cooling.

Those who live in the lee of a range of hills will be familiar with the thorough soaking they can produce. Just look at the effect the Welsh hills have on a westerly wind, and why the cotton industry was located around Manchester. It was the rain that made the atmosphere moist and ideal for spinning.

However the flooding that has been experienced in the past few years is not only due to continuing rain, day after day, and running down stream to fill the rivers and make the banks overflow, it has also been due to sudden torrential downpours from the towering cumulo nimbus clouds that populate the edges of cold fronts that sweep across the country, swirling around the centres of the low pressures or ploughing their way across the country on the developing weather system.

Boscastle was one such example. Sunny one minute and a raging torrent the next, as the cloudburst found the quickest way to the lowest point and swept down the steep sided hills.