Minimising Inheritance Tax

Minimising Inheritance Tax Liability

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With over two million homes now breaching the inheritance tax threshold, anyone who is affected by this should consider planning and preparation.

The number of properties in the UK valued at more than the 325,000 Inheritance Tax Threshold now stands at 2.1 million, or 12% of all owner occupied residences.

The Inheritance Tax payable is projected to double between 1996 and 2006, from 1.6 billion to to a projected 3.4 billion

A properly drawn up will, coupled with professional tax advice is the key to avoiding and preparing for the inevitable inheritance tax bill.

Life assurance policies are an effective, and relatively simply way of catering for inheritance tax liabilities.

When a life assurance policy is taken out, it can be written in trust for specified beneficiaries. On the death of the life assured, this can avoid the proceeds becoming part of the deceased's estate for Inheritance Tax, and avoid a tax liability of 40%.

Life insurance can be written in trust. This applies mainly to "whole of life" policies. In the case of married couples, for example, a policy would be written on both lives, which pays a death benefit on the second death (joint life, second death) - when inheritance tax issues would arise.

The premiums are potentially exempt transfers unless they fall within the client's annual gift exemptions, 3,000 when combined, or are treated as coming out of normal expenditure.

Gifting assets can reduce the liability.
(Gift Inter Vivos)

This is a special policy designed to settle Inheritance tax liabilities for Gifts given during the Life Assureds lifetime.

The policy runs for Seven years only and the cover level decreases in line with the diminishing tax liability.

Before taking on such a policy it is important to note that you should discuss the potential taxation situation with someone who is conversant with the current legislation.

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