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Freelance mortgage brokers at Mortgage Arrangers can use the details you send by email to search through thousands of different mortgage deals, and then send the latest detailed quotes back to your computer for printing off.

Click here to send details and request a mortgage broker to email detailed mortgage quotes

You can phone or email to discuss the quotes with the mortgage broker, ask any questions, and then have your choice of mortgage arranged for you.

Some other mortgage brokers or financial advisers will charge a fee for their services. However, the cost saving that the internet provides means that in quite a number of cases we can finance our costs for the arranging of your mortgage purely on the introductory fees paid to us by the various uk lenders. Any cost details will be outlined to you by your mortgage broker, before you commit to a mortgage application.

Everything can be done by email and post. There is no need to arrange a face to face visit with a mortgage broker. Most existing customers contact the mortgage brokers from their work station or home PC.

Why use a mortgage broker ?

A mortgage broker has a finger on the pulse of the mortgage market, and can track daily interest rate changes and mortgage product developments.

A mortgage broker can represent you at lender mortgage application level, ironing out the creases and making sure any potential mistakes in your mortgage application are minimised or dealt with at the very start.

With hundreds of mortgage products on offer, a mortgage broker can sift through them and filter out the ones that do not fit your own stated requirements, using computer software specially designed for the task.

A mortgage broker is bound by the rules set down by the Financial Conduct Authority and his own legal compliance requirements.

If you use a mortgage broker, he or she will keep copies of everything so that when you need to do it all again, your records are at hand and the process is made easier.

It is often the case that a mortgage broker can spot a potential negative response from a mortgage lender simply by studying your details and can reconfigure your application, removing errors and incorrect responses to ambiguous questions posed on the mortgage application form.


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Mortgage Brokers V Loan Brokers
Mortgage Brokers and Secured Loan Brokers enjoy a distant relationship at best. The two areas of finance do not have much in common apart from the clients needs. Mortgage Brokers generally have a higher regard to for the customers financial situation where most Secured Loan brokers are looking for insurance sales, high payouts and commissions.

The Secured Loans industry has been very lucrative. It has spurned many off shoots like online lead trading in real time; introducing web sites run by programmers who can play the natural web listing game or pay per click. Some leads are traded as high as 240 each. Call centers in India purchase life style questionnaire data and churn to resell as legitimate loan applications.

It seems the days are numbered for the Secured Loan broker. The best of the bunch like are transforming themselves into packagers leaving the advice to the mortgage brokers. The commission to the mortgage broker is yet to find a market level. However. the main concern to the mortgage broker should be customer service and completion rates. There are not that many secured lenders but the criteria for each vary considerably.

Secured loans business at the start of 2006 was not vital to mortgage brokers. Now it is an entirely different story. In 2006, secured loans went through something of an alteration in the wider mortgage arena from a 'specialist' product on the edge of the mainstream market, to one that is fast becoming part of every mortgage adviser's armory when providing best advice to their clients. This trend is set to speed up throughout 2007.

A frequent hurdle that advisers need to overcome on behalf of clients needing finance is the actual cost of re-mortgaging. This can particularly bite home if the existing first mortgage is at a good fixed rate or carries early repayment charges. The secured loan market itself is developing and evolving so that brokers have more loans to choose from, available for an increasing number of uses and at rates that are increasingly competitive.

Pros & Cons Of Working Directly With A Mortgage Lender

When investigating real estate financing, the average consumer does not have the time, experience or resources necessary to adequately evaluate the plethora of loan programs that exist. For this reason, the majority of buyers seek the assistance of a mortgage broker. The role of the broker is to act as liaison between the borrower and multiple lenders, and to present the features of the available loans. However, a small percentage of borrowers choose to do the leg work themselves, rather than rely on a broker, and they face some different challenges.

Benefits - Some of the benefits of working with a broker include simplicity and efficiency of communications, an educated and experienced assistant, an independent opinion, access to various lenders and loan programs that would otherwise be overlooked, and consolidation of information for easy comparison. Those borrowers who choose to work directly with a lender will usually experience faster approval, less complicated decisions, a representative with more intimate knowledge of available programs, and lower closing costs.

The Downside - Apart from the varying benefits of these two options are their potential downsides when compared to each other. When a borrower enlists the services of an independent loan broker, there will be higher closing costs, potentially higher interest rates, and a more lengthy and involved process both before and after a loan application is even submitted. Those buyers who work with a single mortgage lender must understand that they are sacrificing the opportunity to compare loan programs from other companies, they may not be receiving completely unbiased information, and they may not have constant interaction with the same representative throughout the process.

There is no right or wrong choice when beginning the search for real estate financing. The most important consideration is the trust and comfort level of the borrower, and each aspect of the real estate lending process should be carefully and thoroughly evaluated prior to making any final decisions or commitments.

Author: CL Heahl




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