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Sell endowment policy  (F.S.A. Guide )

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Sell endowment policy

Deciding to sell an endowment policy, is an important decision because you will lose the life cover and  you will have to re arrange the way your mortgage is paid off.

You can surrender it back to the company you bought it off or have the option of selling it to a third party.

Riding yourself of the policy will no doubt result in less money being returned than you would have if it carried on for its full term, but this can be increased by offering it up for sale to a second-hand "with profits" endowment policy buyer

What might you get if you do this?

Different companies have different requirements when it comes to buying your "with profits" endowment policy

The basic requirement is that it must be a with-profits or a with-profits policy and have been running for a minimum number of years.

Other policies (unit linked) are difficult to sell to investors, as they do not give the same levels of return as a with-profits, so it is unlikely that a buyer can be found for any unit linked policies.

Other buyers will also require the surrender value to be at least £1,500. If your policy does not meet the criteria, then they will not be able to handle your sale which means the only option available is what the original life company can offer.

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sell endowment policy
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