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The Mortgage Works have, from time to time,  a range of fixed rates, tracker mortgages and discounted rates and theses are available for buy to let, let to buy, guarantor and traditional residential mortgages.

When you fill in and send the initial enquiry form, your details will enable an Independent Financial Advisor to assess your options and get back in touch with you.

He can then lead you through The Mortgage Works application process, to stand the best chance of a swift and successful conclusion.

The Mortgage Works pays a "procuration fee" to the IFA for their services in assisting you - "the lender pays, not you."

In some exceptional circumstances where the applicants details show there to be a lot of extra work involved, before the case can be approved by the lender, the intermediary may ask for a fee to cover this, however, this would be agreed in advance.

The Mortgage Works is one of the few remaining mortgage lenders that lend in areas that other mortgage lenders don't. It is not a high street "catch all" lender.


The Mortgage Works specialises in lending to borrowers that need their application looked at individually and not just agreed or rejected on the basis of rigid "one size fits all" criteria.





























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