New build House and Home Insurance


this innovative new homes insurance policy is specifically designed for 
people with brand new homes constructed to the latest NHBC guidelines.  click here for a quote

Ultima New Homes

High quality cover with a range of added value options

For truly comprehensive buildings and contents insurance at a great price, Ultima is hard to beat.


Built-in flexibility means you can ensure your clients get exactly the cover they need.

Product highlights include:

Lots more cover as standard - including worldwide away from home cover, FULL accidental damage and a free £3,000 increase in cover for weddings and religious festivals.

Sum insured can be tailored to the last £, with the option of adding specific valuables, home emergency assistance and legal expenses to the policy.

An 'aim to pay' claims philosophy.

A No Claims Discount that won't be lost altogether at the first claim. It's merely stepped back, depending on the type and frequency of claims.

Ultima New Homes cover offers the same comprehensive policy at a discount, in recognition of the lower risk posed by new properties.







If you plan to buy a brand new home, you can take advantage of preferential insurance cover with premium rates that reflect the reduced risk associated with new homes. An Ultima New Homes policy saves an average of 26% of premium to other household policies.

Select & Protect is offering Ultima New Homes, an innovative policy, which is available exclusively for homes constructed to NHBC guidelines. These requirements ensure good security as well as high standards of design and construction.

Benefits include

Exclusive Offers

·          14 months cover for the price of 12


This one speaks for itself.  To reward your loyalty after enjoying a year’s cover with us, we’ll give you the next two months free, with absolutely no drop in your level of cover.


·          A fairer deal on No Claims Discount                    


You can spend years building up your No Claims Discount and with one claim, some insurance companies take it all away.  We don’t think that’s fair, so depending on the size,    type and frequency of claim(s), we offer a step back approach where your hard-earned no claims discount is not lost altogether.


·          Separated No Claims Discount                


If you take combined cover (Buildings and Contents), not only will you receive a discount for doing so, we’ll also ensure they’re treated as two separate policies, so if you claim on one, it doesn’t affect the other.


Discounts Available

·          Brand new home

·          No claims discount.

·          Higher excesses.

·          Age related discounts.

·          Higher Sums Insured.

·          Security and Neighbourhood Watch.

·          Combined policies


Buildings Cover

·                      Full Accidental Damage.

·                      A choice of excesses, £60/£100/£250/£500.

·                      All standard perils covered.

·                      60 days unoccupancy terms.

·                      Trace and access of leaks up to £5,000


Contents Cover

·                      Full Accidental Damage.

·                      Away from home worldwide cover.

·                      A choice of excess £60/£100/£250/£500.

·                      Free £3,000 uplift in Contents Sum Insured for Religious Festivals and Weddings.

·                      Valuables automatically covered up to 30% of Contents Sum Insured.

·                      Contents of home, garage and all outbuildings.

·                      Cover for children at university.

·                      New for old cover.

·                      Generous limits for pedal cycles, freezer contents, replacement locks and metered water.

·                      Cover for business equipment in the home.

·                      Theft of money and bank cards.



·                      Legal expenses.

·                      Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.

·                Home Emergency Cover.