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First time buyers and home movers

Use the On Line Mortgage Quote Form to have your details looked at by a Financial Conduct Authority regulated mortgage broker, to see if he/she thinks you can borrow the amount you want. The broker will then get back in touch with you, and can outline what's available in the mortgage market place today, with monthly repayment estimates (you will not be credit searched).

This can be followed by a "decision in principle" where your chosen lender is given the details of your case, and they run credit searches and probably a credit scoring process, to enable them to give a firm lending decision (this will not be undertaken without your express consent).

Next time buyers on the move

Use the form above and then the mortgage brokers can see how well your current lender's interest rates compare with their competitor's.

Non-mover, looking for a remortgage deal

If you are on the standard variable rate you are well placed to take advantage of a new lender's remortgage deal. If you fill in the "On Line Mortgage Quote Form" the mortgage brokers can take a look at your case and get back to you.

Non mover looking to capital raise

To pay off debts, credit card bills, build that extension, conservatory, buy that car, pay for that wedding, holiday, etc. If you have sufficient equity in your property, a mortgage broker can determine which mortgage lenders are offering the best deals.

Buy to Let

Buy an investment property and produce a rental income. Buy several properties, build a portfolio and have not only an appreciating asset but an inflation-proof income for your retirement. We have mortgage brokers that specialise in buy to let mortgages.

Let to Buy

Don't want to sell or can't sell your existing property? Providing you can let it out and cover the mortgage using the rental income, there is a lender out there who will allow another mortgage to go in your name, and still offer a competitive interest rate on the new one! Use our mortgage broker facility to flush out the deals for you.


Traditionally frowned upon by most lenders because it seems from the accounts that no matter how much the business turns over, there is never very much profit! The tax efficient, self-employed entrepreneur will find favour with a number of specialised lenders who cater for this, and will be flexible, but you may need the help of a mortgage broker to narrow down the field.


Currently working abroad but want a home to come back too? Fill in the On Line Mortgage Quote Form and the search can begin.

Adverse credit

You may have had difficulties in the past but now feel your case is worth considering again. There are lenders who will lend even if you have had mortgage arrears, county court judgements, defaults on loans, etc. You must be honest, though, because if they find more than you have admitted to, they will more than likely reject the case immediately on principle.






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