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Top 5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property on a Budget

Good on you! You’ve decided to sell your property. Now comes the big question of how much is it going to be worth. There are lots of different factors that affect your property’s worth which means that there are lots of little things you can do to boost the value. We’ve put together the top 5 ways that we believe to be the most important and effective when it comes to boosting the worth of your property without breaking the bank.

Home Clearance

1. Decluttering the House and Dispose of Waste

The first crucial point before wanting to put your property on the market is making sure your property is looking as clean and pristine as possible. We don’t just mean hoovering, we mean gutting all the rubbish and get rid of all your clutter. It will appeal to people when they see their potential new property has been kept clean and tidy. Not to mention it will be a good form of cleansing for yourself. 

Depending on how big your declutter ends up being, you’re most likely going to need help managing all the waste that’s produced. Usually skip hire is the best option to responsibly and efficiently dispose of your waste. A cheap skip hire company will lend you a massive helping hand when it comes to getting rid of all your old things as it will save time making multiple trips to the council tip. Just make sure they have a valid Waste Carriers License before parting with your cash.

Clearing the Garden

2. Clearing and Tidying Up the Garden

Sometimes forgotten, your garden is a very important factor in pricing up your property. By simply spending out on getting your garden looked at and maintained, it can increase your property’s value by around £1000. So get to mowing your lawn and planting some pretty daisies because it’s what will benefit you in the long run. Always remember, that people will judge your property before even going inside, so by making the outside look nice and kept, you’re already a step ahead.

Redecorating the Interior

3. Modernising Decor

Now, this step can be a little pricier but it doesn’t have to be. By simply just getting rid of your old, dated furniture or revamping it by giving it a lick of paint, it will add a lot of value. Even though you’re not supposed to judge the house by what’s the owners have inside, it’s a known fact that everyone does. 

Some ideas for modernising the interior decor are as follows: 

  • Painting the walls
  • Buying new furniture 
  • Changing the doorknobs 
  • Replacing/Revamping light fixtures
  • Changing the colour schemes
  • Changing the carpets

Take a look at for some inspiration or even have a browse on Pinterest!

Decorating the Kitchen

4. Upgrading Appliances 

One room you need to focus on, maybe the most important, is the kitchen. If you can’t afford a full remodel, no one is expecting you to, but maybe just spending out a little bit of money to upgrade some of the appliances you won’t be taking with you will do a whole deal of good when it comes to property worth. 

There’s a big deal about making sure the appliances you provide in your property match and don’t clash. For example, you might have to look into changing your appliances if you have a steel fridge and oven, but then a bright pink microwave. This looks unappealing to anyone wanting to live in your property, so just making those little changes will add value and viewers to your property.

Tidying the Front Door

5. Changing Up the Exterior 

So you’ve done up the furniture, the decor, the garden, and even the appliances, but your front looks horrible. Increasing the worth is never going to be as successful as you want it to be unless your property looks clean and tidy all over. There are a lot of different ways you can spice up the front of your property such as a new front door, plants, and decorations like some lights. All of these changes little or big will benefit the value of your property in the end.

Adding value to your property is all about making your property look tidy and modern. It really is that simple. Making little changes here and there that make your property look more put together will add value. Spending out a bit of money now will benefit you with more money later when your value the property. So start making some little budget changes so you can start benefiting now!