Halifax Mortgage Calculator

To see how much Halifax will allow you to borrow on a mortgage you can click here and use their “online calculator”  – however to find out how much that will cost you each month you will need to use their quotation system, which asks you choose a type of product before it will return a result.

The problem with this, as you may find out for yourself, is that if you choose a product from their range that your circumstances wont allow you to borrow, you will not get a result. Another way of finding out what you can borrow, and getting a monthly cost, is to use a mortgage broker to do the searching and sifting for you. A mortgage broker can search the whole of market and reduce the list of allowable options down along with the monthly cost for each product, lender and amount.

Note: re the calculator below – as each lender applies the interest slightly differently, use the calculator below as a “close guide” only, the actual payment may differ slightly on a repayment mortgage

  • Enter the mortgage amount you would like to borrow

  • Choose a term of years to pay it off

  • Choose an interest rate (Halifax rates can be obtained from the link above)