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To see how much Nationwide will allow you to borrow on a mortgage click here and use their "quick quote calculator". However, the Nationwide will limit the amount of lending depending on your personal deposit size, and the product you choose. Other lenders mortgage lending limits will be different, so to find out what you would be able to borrow if you could access lenders from the whole of the mortgage market, click here, and send your details to a Financial Conduct Authority authorised mortgage broker, who can access the whole of market data base.

As each lender applies the interest slightly differently, use the calculator below as a "close guide" only, the actual payment may differ slightly on a repayment mortgage.


When you have chosen a mortgage, check you can afford it by clicking here

Now fill in the "Quick Quote Form" to get a detailed illustration emailed back to you (If you have a specific lender in mind use the further information box on the form to specify it)

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Mortgage Repayment Insurance

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Mortgage Repayment Insurance

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