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Get the best and latest rates by comparing hundreds of mortgage deals with our mortgage calculator.
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Our mortgage and remortgage calculator

We will help you find your first mortgage, remortgage your current home or get the best buy to let mortgage deals. Our calculator allows you to compare the best deals across the market. If you’re in a rush to see the results, you’ve come to the right place. Answer a few easy questions and you’ll be able to view your results instantly!

We compare hundreds of different mortgage lenders. From high-street banks such as Nationwide, Natwest and HSBC to secondary lenders who you perhaps may not have considered before.

Why use our mortgage calculator? Unlike the high-street banks, we aren’t actually checking your eligibility for the mortgage. This means you don’t need to worry about a credit check or receiving no results. Furthermore, there’s no search footprint and you’ll receive a wide overview of the different products available.

We created Mortgage Arrangers because we were fed up of wasting time scouring the internet, making telephone calls and trying to find a suitable broker to get the best mortgage deal. As a result, we decided to turn the mortgage industry on it’s head and create a super simple interface to tackle the problem.

Which types of mortgage does the calculator work for?

It’s perfect for anyone looking for a first-time mortgage, remortgage, buy to let mortgage or a commercial mortgage. That’s why we created Morgi, he’s our friendly mortgage calculator who will ask you a series of simple, quick questions. He will then be able to determine which products are most suitable for you. Therefore, you can sit back and let Morgi do the hard work. Unsure which type of mortgage is best for you? Check out our Types of Mortgage guide.

New to mortgages? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

What do the results show?

After spending a few minutes answering the quick questions, we’ll search the UK market far and wide for the most suitable mortgage products based on your current circumstances. Because there are no identifying checks, it won’t appear on your credit rating (unless you decide to apply for a mortgage of course!). You’ll be presented with the top deals based on the type of product you require. If you see a deal you like, you can then choose to discuss it further with a specialist broker.