Nationwide Mortgage Calculator

Nationwide offer a number of residential and commercial mortgages. Although they have a mortgage calculator on their website, the main issue is that if you don’t meet the initial affordability requirements, then you will not be able to see the results. That’s why we have created a mortgage calculator below for you to easily work out the mortgage affordability and potential repayments. Please note that this is an estimate and should not be used to work out your mortgage.

Who are Nationwide?

Nationwide Building Society are a British-based financial institution and offer mortgages and various other financial products to general consumers across the United Kingdom.

Being a building society is very different to a traditional lender or bank – it means they are owned by it’s members. The term first arose in the 18th century and they primarily offer mortgages. If you take up a mortgage with Nationwide or any other building society, you have voting rights and the ability to influence decisions.

Nationwide Building Society – which mortgage products are offered?

Nationwide lend to a variety of customers including first time buyers, those with existing mortgages looking to re-mortgage and also buy to let mortgages through The Mortgage Works.


Personal Details

As with all mortgages in the United Kingdom, you must be 18 years or over to apply. There is also the stipulation that your mortgage must be paid off in full and not exceed your 75th birthday. Whilst 75 years may seem like a lifetime away (and it is!), this can sometimes be problematic if you’re looking to use a guarantor or apply for a joint mortgage with a family member.

As with all mortgages, if you have an adverse credit history, Nationwide will reserve the right to decline your application and you may need to apply for a specialist mortgage.


A key factor in any mortgage application is to determine affordability – ie. will you be able keep up with your repayments if the interest rates were to change?

Various information will be considered when calculating your affordability such as your spend on lifestyle, general overheads and current liabilities such as credit cards, loans etc. This will then be factored in against your earnings.